SNE CPH is a Copenhagen based clothing line inspired by the kid within us all. How did that happen? I'll tell you. One afternoon I was randomly browsing through my mother’s old diary. A recurring theme from the younger years was wordplays played out in a cross shape.  

I somehow really connected with that. it is such a great picture of the mind of my mother at that time and age, I guess of any young person on the brink of adolescence; it is very childish, but somehow also cool and self-assured. Printing it on basic good quality sweatshirts and T-shirts for kids and their parents simply was too good an idea to let it slip away. That was the beginning. 

SNE CPH is named after my daughter. Sally Sne


— Campaign Shoot —

Pictures by Mathilde Schmidt

Creative direction by Julie Panton Studio

Styling by Melanie Buchhave

Make up by Pernille Holm



— Websitelayout by Julie Panton Studio